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2024 Boston Baggo Winter League Registration

Register for our upcoming 2024 winter season starting the week of January 2nd to the week of March 4th with our Championships happening Saturday Marc 9th. We’re looking to give away over $15,000 this season and that’s not including our Money Shot (check out our Instagram @bostonbaggoco for highlight video). 


Break Rock Brewery, Marina Bay, Quincy

Stellwagen Brewery, Marshfield



Article XV Brewery, Rockland

Castle Island Brewery, Norwood



Barrel House Z, Weymouth

Mayflower Brewery, Plymouth

The Brew-Hole will be a tiered playoff tournaments, playing in any of our brewery leagues gets you a shot at the $15,000+ prize pool! See you on the boards this fall!

Cost per Team: $300 Players: 4 max. Style of play: 3 best of 3 series per night Start time(s): 6pm & 8pm (2 start times if necessary) 

Thanks to everyone for playing with us the past season! We had 130 team battling it out for the money this past weekend and we were able to pay out over $20,000 including our weekly Money shot raffles. We had some fantastic play this past Saturday, not a single 1 seed made it to the finals. Below are the top 4 from each division, you can also find the full brackets on scoreholio. Registration is now open for our winter season which starts at the beginning of January, so sign up now before it’s too late! Thanks for all your continued support, hope to see you on the boards in a few weeks. Morrey & Duff.