2021 Fall Play-off Recap

2021 Fall Championships

Social Division

This tournament had it all, upsets, teams winning their first game all season, battles. Biggest upset of the day was Jurassic Express (16) knocking off Cornelius Fudge (1) in the first round, The Express kept the momentum rolling until they ran into the 4th seeded Go One Four in the quarter finals, where Bill and Karen 2-0’d the Express and put them into the losers bracket. In the bottom half of the bracket the H-Town Baggers were locked in battle after battle, beating Jenny, AA, and eventually Go One Four all 2-1 to advance to the finals. In the losers bracket semifinal we had a rematch of the quarter final between Jurassic Express and Go One Four, this time the Express took out the Four’s. The finals were set between the 6 seeded H-Town Baggers and the up start 16 seeded Jurassic Express, the clock struck 12 on the Cinderella story of Jurassic Express and they fell to the H-Town Baggers. Other teams making deep runs in the tournament, Jenny (22), Squirrels (24), AA (14), Friedbaggers (23) and Floof Patrol (28) getting their first win of the season.

Social Division Bracket – https://app.scoreholio.com/cornhole/admin?account=QttkfCMIa5XuSnFneXMXtuMY74V2&game=4SP5Zeceo2AgEEXwdlnF

1st- H-Town Baggers

2nd – Jurassic Express

3rd – Go One Four

Competitive Division

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more evenly matched tournament. We really thought that anyone 1-28 could have taken down this tournament. As expected we had a number of upsets, and . early on had some higher seeds go down, Mac Attack (2), Go Buckeyes (6), Me So Corny (8), and Screamin Seagues (9) to name a few. The number 1 seeded Ring of Fire rolled right up until the semi-finals where they met the 10 seeded Yippee Ki-Yay Motha Shuckers. The Motha Shuckers battled through some good teams to meet Ring, they had to go through The Shamrocks (7) and Cornhub (3). All the while defending summer champs CornholeTG (4) dropped a series 2-0 to Ring of Fire (1),TG found themselves in a familiar position of playing through the losers brackets. After losing to Ring (1) CornholdTG had to win 3 single elimination games to make their way back to the finals, after winning the first two they made their way into the consolation semifinal one win away from making it back to the finals. Standing in their way was old foe Ring of Fire, this time Dave and Julie took it to Ring of Fire and won their way back into the finals. The finals match between TG and Yippie was a war, after dropping the first game TG was looking at an uphill battle but it’s what they’re used to, Dave Julie, and Paul imposed their will over the next 2 games and CornholeTG finished as champions.

Competitive Division Bracket – https://app.scoreholio.com/cornhole/admin?account=QttkfCMIa5XuSnFneXMXtuMY74V2&game=mMRfKap4xYhA6wfG9ju8

1st- CornholeTG

2nd- Yippie Ki Yay, Motha Shucka

3rd- Ring of Fire Competitive Division Bracket

Elite Division

The smallest tournament by far but the deepest talent pool. Not a ton of upsets here, the number 1 seeded Bridge took care of business every step of the way, only dropping 1 game on their way to the championship match. Defending Elite summer champions High Flying (6) took care of business against the third seeded Strangers and second seeded Gilly & Eli on their way to the semifinal matchup. The Bridge ended up winning the semifinal matchup with High Flying 2-1, sending High Flying to the losers bracket where they eventually faced Gilly & Eli (2) for the second time in the tournament and in the single game format Larry and Mike took down Gilly and Eli to make their way back to the championship. In the Championship series Roe and Matt would not be denied winning the series 2-0 and to add to their weekend total Matt and Roe each hit the money shot. Congratulations to our 2021 fall Elite Champions The Bridge

Elite Division Bracket – https://app.scoreholio.com/cornhole/admin?account=QttkfCMIa5XuSnFneXMXtuMY74V2&game=p6VGxzVuGLDdVmbkaV0t

1st- The Bridge

2nd- High Flying

3rd – Gilly & Eli Elite Division Bracket