On Saturday March 9, 2024 we had 135 teams duking it out over $15,000 in 4 different divisions! What a day of cornhole it was, bags flew a little after 10am and the last bags of the night were thrown at 11pm. We had a special guest appearance by Be A Man Boston from about 5pm on and hopefully you got a pic with Dave, Taylor, and the Boston Baggo Backdrop. It’s our favorite day of the season and hopefully it’s yours too! Speaking of, don’t miss out on next season (Register Here). We’re also doing a referral program this season, so if you get a team to join you get $100 off your teams registration, they just need to put your name and where you play in the comments section of the registration form. Below we have our tournament recaps and top 4 from each division. We hope to see you all back on the boards for our spring 2024 season. Duff & Morrey


– Elite –


Our smallest but most talented division did not disappoint. The defending champ TJ and the “Twins” (XV/BR) had a big target on their back, but they battled their way through a tough field defeating Ring of Fire (XV), High Flying (XV), and It’s Only Us (MF) on the way to the semifinals for the first matchup with the father son C4C (MF) team. The Twins dispatched C4C in 2 games and sent them down to the consolation bracket where the South Plymouth Bagmen were waiting. After dropping a series in the first round to Elizabeth & Paul of the Mothershuckers (XV), the Bagmen were on fire winning 3 straight consolation matches. C4C and the Bagmen squared off in the consolation semifinals to see who would have a chance to play the Twins in the Elite finals, Joe and Dan proved to be a little too much for the Bagmen winning the series 2-0 and moved on to the finals. With the crowd in full throat, the atmosphere was electric, TJ and Connor the villains, Dan & Joe the unlikely heroes (no one has ever rooted for Dan in anything). Every time C4C hit a shot the crowd erupted, the pressure proved to be too much and in the end C4C David to the Goliath walked away the victor.


1st – C4C (MF)

2nd – Twins (XV/BR)

3rd – South Ply Bagmen (MF)

4th – The Mothershuckers (XV/BHZ)




This tournament always has our biggest upsets because anyone 1 thru 29 could win this tournament. The upsets started in round 1 when the 1 seeded Corndawgs OG (BHZ) went down to the 17 seeded Off the Back (XV). The 2nd seeded Invisible Airmails (Stell) also went down in the first round to the 15 seeded Thirsty Thursdays (BHZ). Another team that got sent to the consolation bracket in the first round of the tournament were the 27 seeded Tailgate Crew (MF), they went down early to the 6 seeded TBD (stell). After the first loss Brad and Mike of Tailgate crew were pissed, ripping off 7 single game victories in a row to make it to the consolation semifinals with a shot to make it to the championship. Meanwhile in the winners bracket Mirage (CIB) were working their way through a deep field winning 4 games in a row to make it to the semifinals to face the father-son tandem Off The Back (XV). At the end of the three game semifinal series, Pete & Phil of Off the Back (XV) came out victorious over Mirage (CIB) to make it to the finals. Mirage was sent to the consolation semifinals to square off against the red hot Tailgate Crew (MF), but unfortunately for Tailgate Crew the clock struck midnight on their Cinderella story and Mirage found themselves in a rematch of the semifinals vs Off the Back. This time Billy & Pat of Mirage were too much to Off the Back to handle and pulled out the series win and championship 2-0


1st – Mirage (CIB)

2nd – Off the Back (XV/BHZ)

3rd – Tailgate Crew (MF)

4th – SSI (BR)




Another tournament with tons of upsets, in fact only 1 seed in the entire top 10 won their first round matchup and the was Bill Chuck & Mark of BCM (BHZ) the 2 seed only to be taken out a couple rounds later by the 26 seeded Squantum Baggers +1 (BR). The complete dark horse of this 46 team tournament was definitely the 40th seeded Scally bags (XV), the team came out of nowhere to rip off 5 wins in a row to make their way to the semifinals. On the other side of the bracket, equally as impressive was the 27 seeded Fun Bags (MF), only losing 1 game on their way to the semifinals. In the semifinals Matchup the 27 seed proved too much for the 40 seed and the Fun Bags (MF) moved on to the finals after a 2-0 victory. The Scally Bags had to face off with the 26 seeded Squantum Baggers +1 in the consolation semifinals, in a hard fought match the Scally Bags won and found their way back to a rematch of the semifinals vs the Fun Bags. This time 40 seed would not be denied as the Scally Bags rolled to a 2-0 victory over Fun Bags.


1st – Scally Bags (XV/BHZ)

2nd – Fun Bags (MF)

3rd – Squantum Baggers +1 (BR)

4th – Hole Boys (BR)




The tournament didn’t start out this way, but ended as a Barrel House Battle with all of the top 4 teams coming from the Thursday BHZ league! The 5 seeded Oh You Didn’t Know (BHZ) made their way to the semifinals ripping off 4 wins in a row where they met the 7 seeded Kahunas (BHZ) who had also been impressive with their run to the semifinals. The two teams tangled earlier in the season on January 18th with Oh You Didn’t Know coming out victorious 2-1, but in the semifinals the Kahunas flipped the script and won 2-1 sending Oh You Didn’t Know to the consolation bracket. They dropped down to face familiar foe from BHZ The Wrong Hole (43rd seed), Wrong Hole had beaten Oh You Didn’t Know earlier in the regular season but not on the evening of March 9. Oh You Didn’t Know made it to the finals for a rematch of the semifinal, in an abbreviated battle Oh You Didn’t Know came out on top of our 46 team Social Bracket


1st – Oh You Didn’t Know (BHZ)

2nd – The Kahunas (BHZ)

3rd – The Wrong Hole (BHZ)

4th – A Man and A Woman (BHZ)