Thanks to everyone who played this past season, on November 18th we had over 130 teams vying for $15,000+ in cash prizes below are the results and write ups of each of our four tournaments:




  1. Georgie Wants the Wingy – BHZ
  2. C4C – Mayflower
  3. High Flying – Article XV
  4. Snipers 2.0 – Break Rock


TJ and George of Georgie Wants the Wingy started off the day with a win over the father-son duo of C4C knocking Joe and Dan down to the losers bracket. That’s where C4C caught fire, winning their way all the way back to the consolation semifinals where they met another father-son duo High Flying. C4C bested Larry and Mike to make their way to the finals against the same team that beat them in round 1. It was a hell of a run but the clock struck midnight on this Cinderella story when TJ and George handled Dan and Joe 2-0.




  1. Ring of Fire – Stellwagen
  2. Morning Lumber 2.0 – CIB
  3. Jimmy Hats – BHZ
  4. Off the Back – Article XV 


Our deepest tournament of all four tournaments, where anyone could come out on top as evidence of the number 1 seeded Milkboys (BHZ) being knocked down to the losers bracket after losing game 1 to the 32nd seeded Wrong Hole(XV). the 9 seeded Ring of Fire(Stell) was cruising until the quarterfinals where they met Morning Lumber 2.0(CIB) for the first time in the tournament and after a 3 game series ML 2.0 took care of ROF sending them to the losers bracket. On the other side of the bracket the 35 seeded Off the Back(XV)  ripped off 4 wins in a row to face off against the 31st seeded Jimmy Hats(BHZ) in the quarters, after a battle Corey and Kyle of the Jimmy Hats advanced to the semifinals 2-1. Morning Lumber 2.0 was ready for for the JHs and quickly dispatched them 2-0 moving on to the finals. Down in the losers bracket Ring of Fire was fighting for their lives, beating Cornstars, Off the Back, and then Jimmy Hats in 1 game to advance back to the finals vs ML 2.0. ROF was battle tested and ready to take on 2.0 this time winning the best of 3 series to win the championship and ML 2.0 took it’s rightful place at 2. 




  1. The Bag Wagon – Break Rock
  2. High Angle Hell – BHZ
  3. Candy Corns – Article XV
  4. Four Baggers – Stellwagen


This tournament was also super deep and we also had a 1 seed from BHZ getting knocked out of the winners bracket in the first round, this time it was The Hole Lickers(XV) the 33 seed doing in We are the Great Cornholios the 1. After that game, the Hole Lickers ran into a wagon of a team, The Bag Wagon (BR) to be exact, the 16 seed rolled their way to the quarter finals without even losing a match. There the 16 seeded Bag Wagon faced the 29 seeded DeeBees(Stell) who were able to slow up the Wagon by winning a game but weren’t able to stop them as the Wagon made their way to the semifinals 2-1. On the other side of the bracket Kevin and Tyler of the 22nd seeded Candy Corns (XV) were doing work dropping the 6, 19, and 18 seeded on their way to the semifinals where they ran into The Bag Wagon, and the Wagon couldn’t be stopped winning 2-0 moving on to the finals sending the Candy Corns down to the losers bracket. This brings up to our 28 seeded High Angle Hell (BHZ) who were sent to the losers bracket after a BHZ civil war against the 5 seeded Shake and Bake. Heading down to the losers bracket that early ina tournament would normally mean curtains for a team, but not H.A.H., they ripped off 7 wins in a row to stave off elimination, beat the Candy Corns in the consolation semifinals making their way to the finals against the red hot Bag Wagon. Unfortunately for High Angle Hell their winning streak stopped here, Bag Wagon were too much that day and the tournament went to the Bag Wagon 2-0.




  1. Bean flickers – Break Rock
  2. Kahunas – BHZ
  3. SBK – Stellwagen
  4. Divia – CIB


In our funnest tournament of the day, we had another 1 seed from BHZ go down early, this time is was Glory Holes are Back being beat by the 16 seeded SBK (Stell) in round 2. After that win SBK rolled their way to the semifinals beating Jurassic Express (BHZ) and Divia (CIB). In the semifinals Katie, Bill and Jake didn’t have enough against the 10 seeded Bean Flickers (BR) who rolled the competition that day winning every series 2-0 and making their way to the finals, in the quarter finals they sent BHZ’s Kahunah’s down to the losers bracket. Down in the losers bracket, Kahunas ripped off 3 wins in a row beating the eventual 4th place team (Divia) and 3rd place team (SBK) on their way to a rematch against the Bean Flickers in the finals. The Flickers were just too strong that day, winning in the finals 2-0.