Summer 2021 Championship Recap


Congratulations to High Flying, the number one overall seed for winning the Elite Division. It wasn’t an easy road for the number 1 seeded High Flying, getting knocked out of the winners bracket in their first round game by the 8 seeded and eventual runners up Damage Inc. The boys on Damage Inc were throwing that day, taking out the 1, 2 (Off the Back), and 4 (How’s your hole?) seeded teams they seemed unstoppable. At the same time while Damage inc was beating teams in the winners bracket, Larry and Mike from High Flying were catching their stride in the losers bracket, winning 4 single elimination games in a row to make their way back to the finals. High Flying was locked in and unbeatable in those finals, taking down the first two games of the series to become Champions

Champ – High Flying
2nd – Damage Inc
3rd – Off the Back
4th – FunkHam


Congratulations to the third seeded Cornhole TG for taking down top overall seed Fun Bags in the finals. Coming into the finals the Fun Bags had lost only one single game and that was to the upstart 13 seeded Dirty Money Bags. The opposite was true for our eventual Champions, Cornhole TG lost the quarterfinals to the 11 seeded BCM. Dave and Julie were truly on a mission, Cornhole TG went on to play 5 single game elimination matches, beating some real hot teams that day, eventually beating the 7 seeded and 3rd place Shamrocks for a shot at the Fun Bags in the finals. Fun Bags took care of business in game one of the series, but like when Rocky cut Draggo in Rocky 4, Cornhole TG took game 2 away from the Fun Bags. Game 3 was a back and forth game with the Fun Bags pulling ahead early, but Julie shut the door to win in her last round of throws, getting a 4 bagger and 12 points for Cornhole TG to take home the championship on a hot sweaty night in Randolph.

Champ – Cornhole TG
2nd – Fun Bags
3rd – Shamrocks
Congratulations to the 4 seed, Vengeful Heart (Wed. Luck Dawg) on winning the championship over the home team and second seeded Meet the Millers. Vengeful Heart saw the opening when the top seeded Phil McKracken got taken out by the 8 seeded OCB. The Millers took care of business right up until the finals, not losing a single game, they even defeated Vengeful Heart in the semifinals. Coming in 3rd with nearly a Cinderella story was the 9th seeded team Sureshot,  but they didn’t have enough left in the tank to take care of Vengeful Heart when they dropped down to them. The next time The Millers and Vengeful Heart met, Vengeful Heart, true to their namesake, took down the final series 2-1. 

Champ: Vengeful Heart
2nd: Meet the Millers
3rd: Sureshot